Monday, October 10, 2005

College GbOaOdD

Do you ever find yourself pondering why your in college. Why are you consistently waking up at 8am to go to a lecture that you dont want to be at? Why are you paying thousands and thousands of dollars to do this? Thats a good fuckin question hey? The short and easy answer you'll get from your parents, or people who are trying to be smart is "It gives you the chance to get a better job!" What ever happened to working hard to get a better job? Not working hard at what a book tells you, but developing skills you want to develope and working on things you want to work on, without all the bullshit. How many of you have a job where it doesn't matter what you know... It matters WHO you know. I know thats the case where I work. Not that I want to put down the company I work for by any means. But what about the people that went to college v.s. the person thats worked in a company or for an organization that developed their skills in THAT company or organization. Why is the person who learned out of a text book written by a couple people BETTER than the person who developed their own skills based on what they learned over the years. The answer? They're not better, in fact they may be worse. Thats my opinion. Whats your opinion? Really think about it. Lets talk about people in a company or organization. Its true that teachers may be more qualified for a position based on a college degree, but what about a computer programmer, or an actor, or musician, or even your average business man. Why does going to college make THESE people excel at what they do, as compared to someone who just learned on their own?